by Joseph Williams


At the earnest request of my friends, I have consented to publish an account of my journey, from my residence in the state of Indiana, to the Oregon Territory. The information contained in my Narrative may be of great interest to those who may contemplate emigrating to that region, or such as may wish to explore the vast west to the Pacific Ocean.
I have given my own views of the country beyond the Rocky Mountains; and, although they may not agree in every particular with the opinions set forth by other travelers, yet I have tried to follow the best convictions of my own mind, produced by personal observation, and the best information I could obtain from the inhabitants on the ground. As to the correctness of my opinions, I leave that for others to judge. It will be easily perceived that I am not practiced in the art of bookmaking; but as I have stated facts, in my own plain way, without any attempt to embellish my style, I hope the reader will be satisfied. It is probable that errors will be discovered in the orthography of proper names; having no standard authorities at hand; by which to correct my spelling of the. In most cases, I have given those names according to the usual pronunciation of them by the inhabitants of that region.
I am a native of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; was raised in Virginia; am now in my sixty-sixth year; and that I should be conducted in safety, and be sustained through all the dangers and fatigues of so long a journey, at my advanced age, is matter of unfeigned gratitude to that God who "preserveth man and beast,"
                        Joseph Williams