St. Magdalene Catholic Church
Cemetery Records of Burials

New Marion, Shelby Twp., Ripley County, Indiana
    St. Magdalene Catholic Church was moved in 1941 from it's location
in southern Ripley County, when the US army needed the land to
build the Jefferson Proving Ground, to North Madison and placed across
the street from St. Patrick's Catholic Church.
St Magdalene Church stood where early graves were located. The
ground was leveled, and a large cross stands in memory of those
buried there.

AUGUSTIN, Joannes21Aug1869~
AUGUSTIN, Maria10May1869~
AUGUSTIN, Andreas13Jul1849aged 30y
BATZ, Margareta12Jan1852aged 22y
BEHR, Magdalena05Jan1869aged 22y
BOEMEN, John07Jul1849aged 49y
BREMER, Catherina15Nov1869~
BUMANN, John24Jan1848aged 21y
CORNET, Ludovicus13Mar1867aged 67y
DITTSEN, Nicholas22Jul1851aged 12m
DITTSON, Anna26Apr1849aged 68y
EHRE, Michael12Aug1855aged 66y
GILLIG, Stephanus, Rev.29Sep1871aged 30y
bur. at sanctuary
HECK, Catherine02Apr1865w/o Nicholas
HULSON, Petrus26Oct1852aged 38y
JOHNSON, Mathias16Dec1848aged 5d
JOHNSON, Mathias06Feb1850aged 51y
JUNKER, Guilialmus25Jan1867aged 32y
KAISER, Elizabeth05Apr1871Nee Conrad
aged 69y1m26d
KIRSH, Jacobus18Jan1868aged 62y
KREMER, Maria31Jul1867aged 65y
LINDER, Martinus28Feb1867~
MEISBERGER, Margaret10Apr1849aged 19y
MEISBERGER, Mary Margareta18Aug1849aged 82y
NEUMANN, Nicholas02Apr1866~
NORVE, Erasmus24Jul1867aged 32y
REHM, Phillipus C. S.27Apr1871aged 63y1m21d
RIEHL, Catherina17Sep1866~
RIEHM, Maria17Dec1866~
ROUSCH, Petrus04Oct1865aged 13y
SCHITZ, Elizabeth08Mar1850aged 55y
SIMON, Jacobus04Nov1865aged 81y
SIMON, Nicholas11Nov1868~
SPELZ, Josephus28Mar1868~
STARK, Elizabeth23Aug1871Born 22Sep1863
STULIG, Joannes31Dec1868~
WINTERHOLTER, Michael04Aug1867aged 60y

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