Ripley County Court Records - Insanity - Sep 1849/Jun 1871
I have tried to make sure the data here is correct, but the text was hard to read, so there could be mistakes. Questionable text is marked with a `?'
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The UnfortunateSpouseDate(s)Person(s) making StatmentThe Witness (es)# of pages
WEAR, ElizabethSenzo D. Sep 20, 1849Henry S. ChristianDr. William T.S. Cornett
William Griffith
HOLLENSBEE, Edward P.~Oct 14, 1850John M. HollensbeeDr. Ira C. Perrine
Charles Perrine
BURCHFIELD, Thomas~Nov 7, 1849Hiram A. HartDr. William T.S.Cornett
John B. Roberts
RISINGER, AnnJacob Oct 25, 1850William RisingerSamuel Gookins
Dr. S.C.McCullough
BRAN, George~Oct 5, 1852Robert H. RichardsonDr. William T.S.Cornett
John Bran
SUTTON, RebeccaJoseph Jan 8, 1853Henry B. GaultDr. Henry J. Bowers
Darius C. Ingals, ESQ.
Squire W. Knapp
MASON, MinervaJohn A.Feb 4, 1853Joseph ShortEli S. Mason
Dr. Adam F. Cummins
FOLLITT, Cynthia~~~~Dr. David B. Abbott4
SHOOK, Juliana (Julie Anna)~Jun 13, 1853
Dec 5, 1857
William W. Rex
Jonathan Skeen
James W. Connelley
Dr. William T.S. Cornett
GRIFFITH, John W.~Mar 14, 1854Frances MulbergerWilliam Griffith
Dr. William A. Brown
SIGNIN, NancyNOct 29, 1858William B. SigninWilliam Anderson
J.B. Roberts
GRAY, AlbertYAug 1, 1856
Dec 14, 1857
Henry KirkDr. John B. ?4
NICHOLSON, Mary J.JohnMay 30, 1856
Oct 10, 1857
~Dr. William Anderson3
BURCHFIELD, ThomasYJan 19, 1856J.B. Roberts~3
JOHNSON, James R.YFeb 16, 1858John M. DickersonDr. William Anderson
George Johnson
COLE, Elizabeth~Dec 25, 1857Henry ShepherdDr. Anderson *refused by hospital*1
ASTOR, Barbara~Aug 31, 1858Rowland RobinsonDr. J.B. Hall1
RAYBORN, Sarah~Aug 24, 1858F.C. O'NealDr. William Anderson1
ELSBERRY, William~Mar ?, 1858Joseph ElsberryDr. Cornett1
WHITEHEAD, Harriet E.~Mar 7, 1860Mona (?) Loutham (Lantham?)Dr. William T.S. Cornett1
MURDOCK, Harvey~Mar 18, 1861Samuel MurdockDr. A.G. Case1
STEINHOUSER, Margaret~Feb 20, 1861~Dr. F. Schloesner(?)1
CARMICHAEL, ElizabethWilliamMar 22, 1861~Dr. S.L. Thompson1
SALYERS, Catharine~Aug 28, 1861Joseph WingateDr. William Anderson1
CANE, Elizabeth~~~Dr. William T.S. Cornett1
STRUBLE, Ira~Aug 15, 1862~Dr. J.B. Hall1
BOSTICK, William~Aug 19, 1862~Dr. S. L. D. Thompson1
DAFFIN, William~Sep 23, 1862~Dr. James W. Cravens1
SIGNER, (Signin?, Catharine~Nov 8, 1862~Dr. Samuel B. Lewis1
JACKSON, Harvey~May 10, 1866Joseph ReynoldsDr. William Anderson1
WESTERMAN, Catharine~Jun 12, 1866John SchulenburgDr. John Swazy1
MASON, Reuben~Aug 1, 1866Phila (Phiba or Pheba?)MasonDr. William Anderson1
MULLEN, Marty J.~Aug 21, 1866Jehiel H. MullenDr. Samuel Hicks1
BOSTIC (Boston? or Bostick?), William~Aug 16, 1866~Dr. C.H. Cass1
CRAUSE, Henry~Oct 2, 1866Casper HillDr. William L. Graves1
BESWICK, James A.~Nov 6, 1866
disch. Jul 1, '68
Thomas F. SpenarDr. William L. Graves1
McCULLOUGH, Mahala~Jul 10, 1867John B. HodgesDr. William L. Graves1
DENNY, John~Jun 20, 1867~Dr. William Anderson1
GORDON, John W.~Nov 26, 1868(?)Jonathan GordonDr. William L. Graves1
FREMDLING(?), Mary E.George?May 29, 1869George FremdlingDr. Freeman Clark1
STONEKING, William~Jul 26, 1869James StonekingDr. David B. Abbott1
BECKMEYER, Henry~Aug 9, 1869John J. BeckmeyerDr. William Anderson1
GORDON, John W.~Jan 6, 1870~Dr. William L. Graves1
PETERMAN, John~Feb 20, 1870~Dr. Silas L. D. Thompson1
BUCKNELL, Agnes~Mar 24, 1870
disch. Jul 271872
J.P. MullenDr. J. P. Mullen1
DAFFIN, William~Jun 6, 1870~Dr. Silas L. D. Thompson1
MOORE, Nancy Pauline~Jun 10, 1870~Dr. Chester H. Cass
Dr. William Anderson
HUNTINGTON, Rosilla~Jul 15, 1870~Dr. Freeman Clark1
GRANTMAN, Herman~Nov 8, 1870
disch. 21 Aug 1874
~Dr. Silas L.D. Thompson *NOTE: Next page records this man again being in court for this on Mar 11, 1871...nothing stated about being disch. after this. Dr. Wm. Anderson was admitting phy. this time.2
HART, Isaac~Jun 30, 1871~Dr. J. Roberts1