St. Magdalene Catholic Church
Cemetery Records of Burials

New Marion, Shelby Twp., Ripley County, Indiana
    St. Magdalene Catholic Church was moved in 1941 from it's location
in southern Ripley County, when the US army needed the land to
build the Jefferson Proving Ground, to North Madison and placed across
the street from St. Patrick's Catholic Church.
St Magdalene burials from 1929-1941

ADAM, Marie30Nov1929aged 22y
AUGUSTINE, Nicholas07Jun1930aged 65y4m29d
BAKINS, Barbara13Mar1930aged 75y4m6d
BATZ, Catherine19Jan1930aged 67y8m5d
ECKSTEIN, John05Dec1935~
EFFINGER, Joseph09Feb1931aged 85y10m1d
ELLIOTT, Jane22Nov1932~
FINLEY, Bernardus17Feb1933aged 82y
HESS, Mary08Nov1934~
HESS, John H., Dr.14Sep1930aged 75y1m10d
HESS, Margaret M.03Jan1931aged 20y8m27d
HOLMAN, Elizabeth J.16Dec1932aged 8y
HOLZER, Margaret27Apr1935aged 86y3m21d
KEIFFER, George07Dec1929aged 47y1m29d
KENENS, Henrietta09Jan1934aged 80y
KENENS, Peter21Jun1930~
KIEFFER, Michael11Feb1937aged 79y5m27d
KIRCH, Joseph05Jun1930aged 81y2m16d
KREFFER, John?1936~
KREMER, Catherine Hill20Jun1933aged 73y
KREMER, Andrew12May1930aged 74y3m3d
KREMER, MathiasOct1930~
KREMER, Fred, Dr.13Feb1934~
KREMER, John28Oct1934aged 77y
MASSING, Pearl05Nov1932aged 34y
MASSING, Leonard20Oct1932aged 14y
MILLER, Ann03Jun1930aged 62y
MILLER, Mary13Feb1936~
MOLL, Mary11Jun1932aged 64y
MUNIER, Charles06Mar1931aged 55y
NOHRMAN, Victoria01Sep1933aged 79y
REIBEL, Bertha26Apr1932~
REIBEL, Beatrice25Jan1933aged 80y
d/o Mathias Weber &
Maria Hoffstetter
RIEHM, Peter25Jul1933~
RUEF, Mary Rose25Aug1933aged 89y
SEMON, John16Feb1931aged 75y1m3d
SMITH, Ann26Feb1931~
STARKE, John13Feb1931aged 80y4m22d
text says Dau.
A. Starke & Catherine Klein
TALKINGTON, Carolyn21Sep1934aged 43y
YAGER, Lucy10Sep1936~

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