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Index to 'the Toph Papers'
 Coroner's Inquests 1908-1912
The Peoples' History by Violet Toph

Index of a collection of Ripley County anecdotes.

Ripley County, IN Marriages
Birth records
1891-1895 second book
1906-1907 second book
Court Decreed Birth Records
Ripley County Interments (Cemeteries)

Obtaining Birth & Death Certificates
Will Book B Copied from Ripley County Clerk's Office Book. Indiana 1820 Census Index An Index to Ripley County Wills. ---- Surnames beginning with:
A & B | C & D | E & F | G & H | I & J | K & L |
M & N | O & P | R & S | T-U-V | W-Y-Z.
Ripley County Court Records (INSANITYCommittments)
1849/1871 & 1902-1904
& 1902-1912
Ripley County, IN townships has a map of each township and a list of cemeteries found in the township. Ripley County Deeds
First Land Owners of Ripley County ---- Surnames starting with:
A & B | C & D | E & F |
G & H | I & J | K & L |
M & N | O & P | R | S |
T & U | V & W | Y & Z.
Indiana marriage records for: DAVIDSON/DAVISON/DAVISSON
( Click on a name to download file)
are from the LDS genealogy center, and are being offered here courtesy of Chuck Davidson
Ripley County, IN homepages contains links to websites that are Ripley County genealogy specific.
Ind. Conference - Methodist Circuit Riders - 1832-1851 The will of: William ROSS, Sr. Transcribed & Submitted by June Herron - 20Dec2002 Joshua Wilson Estate Transcribed & Submitted by Jean Perney - 13Jan2003

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