A Special THANKS goes to RCHS member, Pati Smith of Florida, for extracting and typing this history index for the Ripley County Homepage!

Because of the lapse of time since the organization of Ripley County as a unit of the State of Indiana, the fact that so many families have kept no written records of their families, and the difficulty caused by lack of funds and the scarcity of workers in collecting data for this volume, it will necessarily to have important items omitted and many inaccuracies.
The compiler is striving to arrange in a somewhat readable and coherent style information obtained from many of the sources of historical information, i.e. cemeteries, public and family records, newspapers, old family bibles, old letters, previously published histories, national archives, personal interviews and Mics. handed to the compiler to be listed herein as given by their authors.
A special attempt is being made to give full credit to all who have contributed so generously by giving their articles, as they have written or told them, with their names attached. This may cause some conflicts in statements, repetitions and inaccuracies in regard to actual historical facts but the compiler desires this book to be a memorial, not only to our pioneer ancestry, but to link the present with the past and give due honor to all who have contributed and without whose help this book would not have been published.
The compiler very sincerely asks the pardon of her readers for any and every act of omission or commission which may offend or surprise each or any of them. The only apology which is offered is the difficulty of the task and the inability of the compiler to do any better. Inaccuracies are bound to occur.
Violet E. Toph.
WEBMASTER NOTE: No attempt has been made to correct or edit the following text, it is presented as Ms. Toph wrote them.

Fact or PersonPage #
Foreword by compiler V.Toph some Ripley characteristics1
Indian mound survey 187512
Ross' run19
Township formation23
Commissioners Reports 1818-182428
Sale of lots (Versailles)29
Commission reports by Wm.. D. Roberson35
Early Settlements" by Tyson 1875 newspaper article Chicago53
Hawley, E. Lister54
Constable E. Hawley68
Grocery/liquor lic. Adonjah Gleason75
Elections inspect : Ami Wilson for 183086
"Labor" by Tyson87
O'Poor for 1830: Roland Robinson, Zalmon Hawley88
Constable: Reuben Anderson, E.S.Hawley89
First mail route from Vevay to Brookville89
First Newspapers by Tyson and ?89
First Post Offices89
Early settlements by W.H Tyson94
Tavern, Amos Boardman (Franklin Twp?)183097
Indian event at Devil's Elbow99
Rabi, Mr..101
Wild hogs and Bread104
Drinking of Ardent Spirits107
Doctors and Disorders109
Capital of Texas named for a Ripley Co Man114
Parsons, Kansas named for Milan Boy115
Temperance Society, first116
Speech of Gov. S.S. Harding and Long118
Revolutionary Soldiers who came to Ripley Co.120
Historical Sketches by George Anthony133
Lathrop, Erastus133
Roberts Written for Republican in 1892133
Roberts, G. A. Writings133
Amizrah, Young134
Bentley, Hon. Joseph of Versailles134
Ditch Brothers134
Curry, James135
Groc. Liquor Lic 1830-31 A Gleason135
George Salyersof Cross Plains was killed by James Persinger135
Mills, Old time136
Social Life139
Cross Plains, William Corryers143
Dry Good Store, A.G. Hunter's143
Inspect of elect: Artis Wilson 1831143
Fence viewer 1831; Z.Hawley, J. Anderson144
India-Kentucky Post Office144
Revolutionary Soldier, William Bassett Sr.144
Rictchey, John preacher Jurist144
O'Poor: Ajonijah Gleason, Wm.. Dooly145
Roberts First Death says Thomas Buribfield145
Counells and John Watts147
Hart, William151
Ross, William152
Leatherbury, Mr..154
Roberts house Burned154
Baptists Churches Middle Fork, West Fork, Brushey Fork156
Bear Creek156
Roberts, Mrs. Moses, taught school in her cabin 1819156
Bear Creek Cemetery - minister Erastus Lathrop and George Hume buried there157
Ministers, List of157
Spencer, Thomas, Houses where Church was held etc.159
Finley, David Mrs.....160
Strange, John Minister160
Wiley, Allen162
Woods, Aaron and Enoch162
Cross Plains, David Taylor land 1826163
Mail route from Vevay to Versailles163
Robinsons, Armit163
Blake, Persiger store first in164
Polical candidates and politics165
Merittscrange- Col. John Smith166
Brinson, Sebulon167
Cross Plains, James Curry addition to Cross Plains and his death167
McGinmis, Dr. Edmund168
Robinson, Joseph170
Election for JP174
Hunter, John174
Bentley, Joseph175
Johnson Twp., Pioneer Settlers175
Lewis, John175
Skeen, William175
Cornet, Dr.176
Fox, Dr.. previous to 1825176
Road Superv: James Anderson at Reuben Anderson's177
New Marian, Judge John and the first court at Browns at New Marian178
Land Court at Versailles with John Watts179
O'Poor: Wm.. Dooley to replace H.G. Canfield179
Shook, David P. and Hezikiah179
Steel, James179
Harding, Gov. Stephen Selwyn and his brother180
Harding, Dr.. Myron182
Hawley, Salmon and wife182
O'Poor: Z. Hawley, W. Dooley pauper C.C. Chapel182
Snodgrass, John182
Allemong, Henry184
Knowlton, Hiram184
Pratt, Diah184
Redlon, Ebenizer184
Wilson, Obed184
Bowers, Dr.. Henry J.185
Constable: E.S. Hawley replaced by David Harding Jr.185
Craig, Judge Morton185
Hukill, Judge Henry B.185
Kelly, Elder Richard185
Moss, Harvey a Methodist Preacher187
Road Work NE Corner S13 T8 R13 s. to Washington Twp187
Cornwell, Elias188
Jackson Twp188
Mullen, Mark188
Switzerland Co and Joe Bentley188
Craig, Morton and Miles Mendenhall of Napolum (Napoleon)191
Judge of elect Z. Hawley 1831191
Rybolt, Stephen and Darnel of Napoleon192
Skeen, William192
Dickerson, John M. and Wife193
Barnes, Rev. J.F.195
Francis, Jacob198
Osgood Indiana- W.R. Glagou199
Roberts, George Anthony - Ripley Co Revisited in May and June 1896199
Levi, Isaac200
Freeman, Dr.201
Versailles, Dr.. Cornet's Old Home207
Babcock, D. kept pauper209
Correct and Dr. Dennis Mahoney209
Ditchs, The209
Rexville and The Warvlers209
Elksbers, John211
Pribble, Lemon211
Wright, Gordan211
Militia meeting and James Benhaur213
Life of a Ripley Co. Pioneer James Dickerson and wife by Rowland Jackson218
Indian Village and location of Dickerson farm221
Pauper of Franklin Twp222
Backtracking Old Trails by WD Robinson230
Burchfield, Robert and the Panther231
Durham and James Curran kill a bear231
Groc: Abr. Redlon & John Boldrey231
Morgan and Bill Curran232
Travern: A. Boardman232
Jail, The first233
Lipperds, The233
Falls, Mike237
O'Poor: Z. Hawley, Palmer Fuller for Joel Canfield238
Dickey and Henderson239
Roberts and Huntingtons240
Bethel Church241
Johnson family and Harker241
Rea, Davidson246
Rossell, Thomas251
Fight, John Henderson and William Johnson253
Joe and Bob Wilson bought the St. Nicholas Hotel (Now Purdum) in 1862253
Glass, Mr. on the Michigan Road254
Slaves and Lige Stevens255
Jackson, William H.257
"They say and Do in the country" by Charles Heberhart257
Lloyd, Hon. J. B. Boyhood Remembrance262
Pioneer Days in Ripley Co. by Sanford R. Fuller266
Kelly, Mr.. S. Henrietta (Bower) Memories269
Blackmoor Mill270
Roberts, John M. Story written by one of the oldest residents of Ripley Co273
Robert's home site275
Groc. lic. B. P. Roberson282
Election returns not in on time287
Road inspector Distr #2 E.S. Hawley295
Memory's Marches Poem by Lucy326
- by LL Hannah RobertsThe Old Eighty-Third327
Little Graham Creek, It's Pioneer Settlers. by William E.Ryper331
Churchill sash saw mill339
Higgins Water grist mill339
Ryper, William Edward "A Trip"339
Fort Buchanah, Otter Village340
Franklin Twp. Early History by Re R.P. Wilson342
Rev Robert P Watson gives interesting chapter of Early History of Franklin Twp343
Horsely Killed344
Soldiers who enlisted from Milan345
Prattsburg, the Wilsons and other citizens346
Franklin Twp by Rev. Robert P. Watson347
Shaw, Watson C. "Reminiscences of long ago in Ripley Co"347
Steam Mill and Cording machine in New Marion in 1841 by Paul Strickland347
Poston ( Dabney) in 1841349
Versailles in 1841350
Otter Village 1841351
Residents of Otter Village from 1850 to 1928 by Nora Newman Crouch352
Railroad well at Poston355
Shaw, Watson C. "Reminiscences of Long ago in Ripley Co Jan 10, 1895355
David Rea killed by William Stafford357
Rapping Spirits 1851358
Comet, The 1842359
"Reminiscences of Otter Creek Twp. by Thomas Canover Feb. 24,1931362
Constable Wm. Ranney change in Rd. Distr #10, Franklin Twp362
Fleming, S. Trustee 1850 Washington Twp Trustee Book. Excerpts364
Information caped from Samuel S. Flemming364
Town of Clinton ordered vacated totally364
Washington Twp Trustee Book: Excerpts S Fleming, trustee; 1850364
Blasdell, Isaac N. township framers365
Election for JP to fill Vacancy of E.S. Hawley365
Washington Twp road workers in 1853366
Trustee Book for Washington Twp367
Washington Twp paupers and roads in 1853369
Washington Twp enumeration of school children for Nov. 1853371
Petition for a school house on Fleming land375
Election in Washington Twp in April 1836376
Otter Creek Twp History by Miss Ruby Lane in 1927376
Conditions and custom of Indiana Fork by Carl Wood 6-13-1925377
Hardings May 1,1820 come to Old Milan377
Pioneer Days by Hon. Carl Wood June 13,1925377
Cross and saw company 1821382
First death in the community Mr.. S.. Spencer in June 1820383
Harding, Stephen S385
Schools, spelling Bees385
Harding descendant, Mrs. E. Row387
Underground Railroad411
Rd Distr #2 - #4419
Harding Mansion by Mrs. Crouch489
"Morgan's Raid through Versailles" by Mira Anderson Sheets503
King, Isaac, experiences told by his daughter Emma King Dearborn512
Morgan's Raid by Rev. B.F. Ferris513
Morgan Raid Claims522
Hoover's Reminiscences Nov 18, 1927523
Solders buried in Cliff Hill529
Solders buried in Franklin Twp529
Eighty-third' the Old532
Eighty-third Indiana Inf.536
Wooley, Alfred Milton tells what became of the boys of his Co. the 68th538
Soldies Aid Society549
Roster of the 37th Reg Ind Vols550
Ward, Col W.D.550
Copies of Letters written by John Halve to Wells Johnson during the World War557
Civil War Diary of Ferdinand Sebring564
Day, Thomas G. "After thirty-seven years"620
Posts, J.A.R621
Post, Wheeler donates Hall692
Pension Items693
Copeland, James T694
Day Thomas G694
Evans, Samuel, F694
Harman, David694
Thomas, Benjamin694
Holton, Indiana William E. Williams695
Alf. Hunter Trip to Chickamauga on Spring Wagons Sept. 1895695
Williams, William E. of Holton, Indiana695
Civil War Veteran Theodore Kern visits former home May 10,1927698
Weber, Captain Henry W.700
Companies band D.37th Reg Indiana Vols701
Spanish American Complete Roster of War Veterans702
Henderson, Clinton - Letters from Clinton in Spanish American War709
"Santogo Battle 1898" Frank McMurphy709
Spanish American War Letter from Clinton Henderson in SAW709
Spanish American War letter by Jesse Laswell715
Spanish American War Letter Robert Landell716
Spanish American War an account by Corporal John Shepherd717
Spanish American War by Valentine Knocbe718
Colson, Lewis W. "writes a letter enroute Honolulu, Hawaii719
Hanging in Ripley Co., The only Legal Hanging719
Rittenhouse, James R "A career of crime"721
Bergman, Jonathan "A soldier boy in Cuba722
"Manila Philippine Islands" Corporal Bergman723
Boody Deed Lynching - Thomas Boyd 1878724
Leor Family Versailles Republican Sept. 20,1894725
Jolo, PG Carl Krom727
Lynching, The second Ripley Co727
Leroy Wager killed Mrs. Sutton and the Browns840
Reno Gang, Last of847
Sororicide, Borgman847
Frank Ellis killed David Rea849
Stogg, Mike The Farmer and Bumble Bee, Aug 13,1900850
History of Cedar Cr. Mr.. S.. Wagner.850
Green Chapel letter from Laura Bowen852
Work on the wonderland Way July 18, 1933852
Carter, Dr. Laura853
Cedar Creek History by Nicholas Wagner853
School Houses at Cedar Creek853
Willson, Thomas853
Willson, WD853
Bradshaw, Mattie854
Brodshow, Francis Gray854
Glosgou, WR854
King, Alex854
Kitts, JB854
Schurer, Mary854
Skeen, Mary Reed854
Cedar Creek Teachers, Rev Charley Myers and Frank Robinson855
Brodshaw, Holman856
Burroughs, Gordon856
King, "Pad"856
Love, Roy856
Pendergast, Mable856
Pratt, Mayme856
Brodshaw, Fannie857
Carter, Edgar857
Love, Walter857
Muir, Florence857
Myers, Alice Craig857
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hill - Discuss old Prattsburg Feb 2,1933858
Austin, William A Our Charish Pet Liquor860
Mud Pike by Lester Hawley865
School essays on Ripley Co written 1922-23 County project865
Look out School, Local and County History by Margaret Dockelman868
Delaware by A. Lenora Palmer869
Kelley School, Story of our Comm. by Lenora Palmer869
Delaware Twp by Louise Dole872
Delaware by E. Dunbar874
Franklin School Students essays Extracts876
Stumpkes Corner by Helen A Bellman879
Shurmpkes Corner by Elizabeth Jordan881
Stumpke's Co. by F. Whitlatch881
Laughery Twp Dist 5 Local History by Walter Menchofer882
Dockelman, E. "Laughrey Twp884
Laughery Twp and Lipps School extract from history by Edwin Dredermanns884
Laughrey Twp. by E, Dockelman884
Milltown, Penntown "Our Community" by Elsie Bass885
Mang School, Local History by John Luers886
Mangs by J. Luers886
Mang's House887
Hunsicker Community, History of by Mabel Holzhousen888
Boardman Stand Cross-Keyed Inn889
Clinton Community by Marie Mehrley889
Gust Mill and Three Hotch Trout889
Mehrley, Marie "History of Clinton Comm.889
Hayti Community, History by Opal Bultman890
School, Squire Robinson890
Sunman, Durbin "Dr. at Durbin Sunman's House"890
Ballstown by Samuel Ball May 15, 1848892
Civil War Soldiers from Hayti892
WW1 Soldiers at Hayti892
Ballstown's Officers893
Hayti History by David H Bohnerts893
Washington Twp by Helen Rupp894
Washington Twp First School on Bergdoll Farm895
Trading Post History by Hazel Damaree897
Local History of our Community Olean by Lottie Werner897
Olean by L. Werner898
Underground Railroad station at Olean898
Brown Twp First house899
Olean WW1 Soldiers899
Hockersmith, Herschel History of Shelby Twp District 8900
Shelby Twp District 8 by Herschel Hockersmith Smith900
Sketch by L. Williams901
West Fork by H. Brown901
Antioch School, Local History by Robert Ewing902
District 10, by Rose Meisburger902
First Post Office on Peter Meisberger Farm902
Meisburger, Rose the History of District 10902
St. Magdalene by R. Meisberger902
Antioch by C. Thole903
History of White Hall by Louis Frendenstein905
Marble Corner by Allie Kirk906
Mc Darnce, William906
"Pole Cat Corner" by Mose Wiserman906
Shelby Twp Local History Chloe Shoups906
Kingwood School et. by F. Matthew's908
Kingwood, History of Local Community by Florence Mathews,908
Waldman, Frank908
Bear Creek Baptists Church by M. Brooks910
Bridge, Natural Rock910
Extracts from History of Ripley Co by Mary Brooks910
Natural Rock Bridge910
Samm's School Extracts from History by Dallas Hughes910
Grishaws Churches at Correct911
Hawthornes Goodrich911
Wooleys Falls911
Delay's, T. history extracts913
"Wolf Trail" by Malotte Holman Wooley913
Tanglewood's History by Opal Kelch914
Civil War Solders from Tanglewood916
Cross, C. "Johnson Twp."916
Curran community by Marvine Littell916
Curran School by Marvine Little916
Curran, Thomas916
Jackson, Amos916
Johnson Twp. by C. Cross916
Store - Calvin Shrook916
Tanglewood Civil War Solders916
Tanglewood teachers, Presley Gray, Jacob Fullenuder916
Johnson Twp. by R. Fallis917
Johnson, William919
School, Local History by Clara Cross919
Johnson Twp"Life of the Early Settlers of Union Locality" by Ruth Follis 920
"Local History Otter Creek", Ralph Hills Vanosdol921
Cuneo, Freeda "Local History"922
Holton, by Drottea Shaw922
Shaw, Drottea "Local History Holton, Indiana"922
Holton Local History by Bert Schlotman923
Heimsath, Marion "Local History Holton"924
Holten Marker924
Shaw, Mable "Local History Holton"924
Underground R.R. Station Marshall925
Civil War Soldiers at Flat Rock and Lock Springs926
Star Route mail at J.S. Mill's927
"Local History" by Paul Vanosdol928
"Center Twp" by Luella Sparling931
"Napoleon" by William Butt932
Jackson Twp by Robert Thielbar934
Napoleon area by Nettie Caster934
St. Maurice congration organized934
Napoleon Area by Elnore Kestler935
Grave yards936
Otter Village by Mildred Muir936
Civil War-Morgan-Hobson Sunday 12, July, 1863941
Franklin Twp Cutter School by H. Kittle942
"Haney's Corner in 1916 by V.E. Toph943
Haney's Corner Rebels in 1916 by V.E. Toph944
Haunted Houses, What a violet heard in Ripley Co946
"Just my regards to Ripley" by Charles Moyer Ketchum949
Fox Drive; Mar,1883 Tanglewood950
Corner, Yater and Newman cases contrasted with Johnson, Scopmire and White951
Floyd, Tom "Dreams"961
Hunter, JF "Apple Blossom Time"961
Springdale, Indiana by V.E. Toph963
Johnson, Edward W. "Ripley Co.Sept 24,1933"976
Morgan's Raid Markers977
Fort Buchanan978
Laughery Creek978
"Back Yonder" a Poem by Hazel Morrison980
Ripley Log in parade, Oct. 1916981
High Bridge over Laughrey 4-16-1901984
Clinton by Mrs..... Heaney985
"Old Trails" by David Agnew986
Postal Guide Ripley County 1851992
Roads, Ripley993
Commissioners Reports 1818-1833995
Railroads, Letter 18981079
Turnpike meeting notice 18741084
Masonic Lodges in Ripley Co. by Frank Tucker1085
St. John's Evangelical Church 100 Yrs. by H Freeland1093
Churches, Early Franklin Twp. by R. P. Wilson1098
Milan's Masonic Lodge over the past century by Thomas Price Myers1099
Stumpke Corner1100
Sunday schools of old times1102
Baptists Church Washington by Rufus P. Lomb1103
New Marion Baptist Church 100 Yrs by C. Brown1110
New Marion by Mrs..... Robertson from Myra Dickerson Sheets1120
Baptists Church Poston By Elmyra Dickerson Sheets1122
Union Chapel by Mrs. Sheets1123
Union Chapel Latter-day Saints1125
Tanglewood Church Baptists By Mrs..... Myra Dickerson Sheets and Etta Chloe Broley Waldron1126
Versailles Baptists Church by Mrs. Flora White; for Centennial1131
Methodists, Cedar Creek1144
Methodists-Johnson Twp. by Tyson1144
- Bethel Church Methodist1161
Pleasant View (Correct)1162
Methodist marriages 1876-1915 Circuit records1163
Pleasant Hill - 1846 from Breeden1163
Otter Creek Chapel by Nora Newman Crouch1204
Methodist Church at Otter Village1208
Hopewell Baptists Church 1838-18881209
West Fork Baptists Church by Mrs. Myrtle Boswell Demaree1222
Bethel Baptists Church by Ulmer E. Smith1224
St. Nicholas Parish1233
Workman cabin 18151239
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran1240
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Olean by H.A. Barth, Pastor1256
Sunman Community Church1257
Marble Corner Methodist1261
Marble Corner, Last Homecoming Jan 5 19411261
Salem Church Delaware Twp.1262
St. Magdalene Roman Catholic Church by M Kramer1263
Union Freewill Baptists Church 1843-19281267
Life of Sanford Fuller, written 1914-19151299
Union Flatrock Baptists Church 1914-19281308
Wesleyan Methodist Holton by Eliza Gray1331
Bear Creek Baptists Church 1818-1918 by Elrmer Livingston1332
Osgood Christian Church1343
Napoleon Methodist Church1344
Freewill Baptists Church at Pierceville by R.P. Wilson1347
Bethel Baptists Church by Eva King1349
Milan Baptists Church1351
South Milan Chapel 18671352
Old Milan Baptists Church1353
Osgood Churches1355
Osgood Methodist Church by C. Starks1358
Me. Circuit-Milan members1363
Churches/towns, Delaware Twp1368
Catholic vs. Protestant1370
Olive Branch1372
Stringtown or Zion Methodist1374
St. Paul's Lutheran Olean1375
Stringtown Unversalist Church 1376
Flatrock Baptists Church1378
Holton Christian Church1379
Blair Church and Cemetery1380
Harmony Chapel1380
Otter Creek, Bethel Methodist1383
Possum Trot-Caesar Creek German Baptists1384
St. John's Roman Catholic-Osgood1385
Napoleon Baptists1386
Methodist Delaware Twp Built c.18601387
St Ludwig's Catholic Church Batesville1388
Marble Corner Methodist org. 18611389
Lutheran German Evangelical St. Paul's1390
Westley Chapel Methodist Benham 18481391
German Evangelical Lutheran-Olean1392
Shelby Christian Church1393
St. Pius Catholic Church1394
St. Peter's of Delaware 18501395
Methodist, Friendship org.18481396
St Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Franklin Twp.1397
Franklin Freewill Baptists1398
Old Salem, in Laughrey1399
Lutheran Church Penntown1400
St Maurice Roman Catholic1401
Mud Pike, Delaware Baptists1402
Celebration 18761404
Ghost Towns & near ghost towns1406
Horse Racing1408
Wooley, A.M. Account1421
School Ch. essays re: mills1430
Speech by C.S. Royce-Shelby Twp1434
Finch, Wm.. B., account of visit1457
Ryker, W.E. account1464
Shelby Twp by W.D. Robinson1466
St. Magdalene1477
Marble Corner1478
Benville & Rexville1479
Haney's Corner1480
Shelby Twp history 18911481
Old Timbers by V. Toph1492
Holton by G. Pate1498
Holton by W.D.Robinson1516
Outlook in Otter Creek Twp by W.D. Robinson1519
Horton by J. Demaree1523
Friendship Band of Gay Nineties - a Photograph1525
Cross Plains by G. Pate1526
Cross Plains Sale of lots1534
Cross Plains Bank1535
Cross Plains school building1536
Farm Bureau, Brown Twp History by Mrs. H.D. Fiss1543
Olean by W. D. Robinson1551
Cross Plains1552
Elrod, Washington Twp. by W. D. Robinson1558
Pierceville Creamery by W.D. Robinson1559
Pierceville in 18981560
Poston Area, Recollections of Amanda Means by W.E. Ryder, Pastor1564
Poston by W.D. Robinson1565
Napoleon & Vicinity by W.D. Robinson1567
Napoleon State Bank1570
Natural Gas1570
Orlean founded in 1820, Is the only town1575
Jackson Twp. by Ethel R. Smith Stute1577
Napoleon by Ethel R. Smith Stute1577
Flour Mill built in Orlean" by William Meyer1579
Catholic Church1580
Laughlin Mill in Napoleon1580
Napoleon Baptists Church1580
Hertensteins Store1583
Emerson Bachlmer's Hardware Store1584
Water, E.O. Store1584
Jackson Twp & Schools by Ethel Stute1585
Jackson Twp Organized early, by Ethel Stute1585
High School Delaware-Jackson Twp by Ethel Stute1587
Delaware village by A. Munger1593
Delaware by William D. Robinson1594
Spades by William D. Robinson1596
Bishoff Flour mill at Morris1597
Versailles Incorporation1598
Versailles-sale of Lots First1600
Trees of Versailles by W.D. Robinson1603
Tyson Trust Fund; history of Versailles1605
Versailles State/National Park project 19361609
Versailles Creamery1611
Versailles lots for sale1612
Versailles Pro and con by Mrs. Hazel Dormeeker1615
Hunter lic. of Town Health Department1617
Versailles Town Board Meeting 19101617
Garden Spot of Ripley Co. by W.D. Robinson1618
Curran, Enoch1619
Fisse, Sam1619
Gilliland, Jim1619
Thielking Bros.1619
Volz, Frank1619
Bagonfelt, Charles1620
Livingston, Joseph1620
Mill Race1620
Ferguson Store & Feed Mill Versailles1621
Bushing, Otto, Greenhouse1624
Ryker, William Edward "letter"1626
Ryker, William Edward visit1626
Versailles Letter from William Edward Reker1626
Goohins, Harriet "Joe Hassmer home in 1926"1628
Sheiff Ira T. Spillman1632
Ripley in 1849 Indiana Gazetteer1633
Cave near Versailles 19151634
Versailles, First Brass Band 18561636
Osgood Cornet Band1638
Austin's Theater Begins 23rd year by Ethel Stute1640
Mitchell, Lee "A ray of Hope"1646
Agriculture Society-Ripley Oct. 11.18451647
4-H Club Camp, Versailles1652
Pumpkin Show1654
Dam, Building of1655
Versailles 18971656
Versailles by Tyson 20 pages missing1668
Milan 17181694
Memorial by S. Harding1725
Farm, Stock1729
Schwing garage1730
Railroad Depot & Environs, Milan1731
Milan in 18911738
Industries & Batesville, Laughrey Twp. beginnings1742
Osgood C. 19051755
Abstracts for "oldest house"1756
Hospital- Margaret Mary1757
Buckingham, T.J.1783
Shaw, Albert F.1783
Kemper, G. R.1784
Frenodling, J.H.1785
Pruitt, J.H. and J.W.1785
Osgood 1905 account1786
Osgood B. and O. SW.1786
Osgood by Wells Johnson1789
Underground railway1790
Geodetic survey of 19321791
Agriculture Fair of 18611792
Stock Dealer - B.F. Fowl1793
Osgood Fire 19061797
Dr. Cravens, Osgood Journal1798
Immigrant's view of Osgood1801
Schoneider, Ben Article from Russia1801
Milk Co.; Tucker Jewelry Store1806
Tucker Jewelry Store1807
Wilson Farm sold to Crudgington1808
Ferris, Col Abram Farm 19151811
Sunman by F.B. Freeland1811
Fox Buggy, First1812
Mower. First1812
Reaper, First1812
M.E. Church and First Preservation1813
Dr. J.B Hall1815
Banks and Trustee1816
Wise, John A.1820
Sunman by W.D. Robinson1821
Sunman, Why the name1821
Black Smith- M.J. Meister1822
Cigars- Watt Huneke1822
Contractor- Lewis Sieg1822
Flour Mill -1822
Sawmill- Chris Newman1822
Valentine Hartman1822
Bigney, V.W.1823
Sunman " Bench mark" by Waltis H Fitch1824
Ketchum, Charles Moyer "My Home a Yankee Cottage"1825
Sunman by Harold Freeland, "Backtracking Yesteryear Trails" 19311827
Christmas of 1945 Heavy Sheets of Ice Interupts Electric1831
Letter from O.C. Madden, The Gouchers by Henry B. Smith1836
Sutton to Ripley Co 18161836
CCC meeting - Ripley's Boundaries1839
History of Ripley Co. Newspapers1840
Newspapers by H. Thompson1841
Linotype machine installed at Republican office 19091848
Fair Ripley Co 18811852
Schools Ripley Co notes from County papers1856
School District the First Ins1858
Teachers Institutes1859
Royce, C.S. "Recalls Election of George W. Young"1867
Bogos, Superintendent1868
Delaware High School, from First Annual Catalog1870
Schools of Franklin Twp by R.P. Wilson1876
Teachers Directory1891
Law Compulsory, First 18971897
Institute notes for 18941918
Institute notes for 18951922
Institute notes for 1900 by W.D.Robinson1927
King, Estelle1927
Institute notes for 1902 and 1900-19011929
Directory of School officers and Teachers for 1909-19101932
Teachers for 19101936
Lamb, R.P. "Look backwards"1937
Directory of School Officials and Teachers for 1919-1920.1939
School Board Versailles for 1920-19221939
Teachers 19241942
Directory of School Officials and teachers 1927-19281943
Directory of School Officials and teachers 1928-19291947
Milan School1952

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