The TOPH Papers

The Toph Papers are 6000+pages of genealogy data that Miss Violet Toph gathered in the 1930s, after she retired from teaching.

These papers have been recently re-indexed, and are current with the sleeved pages.

This IS NOT a book.

Great thanks are owed to volunteers that helped so much with the extracting of names on these page, to wit:
Carol Simmons - Fran Campbell - Patti Smith - Ilona Manion -- and others that I can't recall their names right now!

To obtain copies of pages that have names you are interested in, please do the following:

    1. Note the page numbers you want copied.
    2. Send an SASE, along with your request for page(s) numbered xxxxx, and a $7.00 research donation plus $1.00 for each page copied. Four pages will mail for one first class stamp.
    3. Mail your SASE, request, and check or Money Order to:

    P. O. Box 525
    Versailles, Indiana 47042

    Index to the Toph Papers